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A GIS-based platform as instrument for decision-making in Carbon farming practices

Find, integrate and manage data and information in a GIS-based method is the priority to render the best support decision-making in Carbon Farming practices.
In order to comply with this rule, in C-FARMs LIFE project different data (collected from different partners in different working sectors) will be integrated into an advanced high-resolution geographical information system. 

This activity  will be carried out  in order to generate scenarios to support public authorities decision-making  at regional scale and to provide useful information for land owners at farm scale.  

The GIS-FARMs will also define the GHG balance in the agricultural sector considering the business as usual scenarios (current, and historical considering the 2005-2009 period). This tool  will serve as baseline options for the subsequent actions of the project.
On the basis of new measurements and publications, all these data on GHG emissions and removals can be continuously updated.
This information is  needed for the definition of a baseline and improvement scenarios for climate  performance, as well as to underpin the incentive/prize mechanism that the EU wants to propose to reward more sustainable management practices such as the “Carbon Farming practices”.
The University of Tuscia will coordinate this instrument with the support of FederlegnoArredo, Confagricoltura, CREA-PB and the CMCC Foundation.


The project supports the design and implementation of targeted payments for the application of Carbon Farming practices through the development of a regulatory framework for a carbon certification system in collaboration with relevant actors and institutions.



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