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Funding institution:

European Commission – LIFE Programme

Project description:

The main project aim is to support the forestry systems in CO2 storage and in preventing fire and windthrow risks by:

  • Identifying a set of ecosystem services and assessing their benefits;
  • Improving forestry and forest-based industry systems;
  • Creating an ecosystem credit to finance the same ecosystem services.

The main forecasted results concern the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the LIFE CO2PES&PEF Project which will contribute to improving forestry management by increasing CO2 absorption, mitigating hydrogeological risks and preventing fire and windthrow risks that would result in additional CO2 emissions.


LIFE Carbon
Farming Scheme

Funding institution:

LIFE Preparatory Programme of the European Union.

Project description:

The goal of the project is to identify and accelerate the development and adoption of novel incentives for carbon sequestration and the increase and maintenance of the organic carbon stock in soil and biomass in Europe. With the aim of promoting a well-functioning voluntary carbon market the project will uncover the key factors in supply and demand measures to invite the private sector to accelerate climate action. The results of the project will be fed into the development of the EU agricultural and climate policies.


Funding institution:


Project description:

LIFE GEOCARBON is a preparatory project establishing processes and data mining for permitting the future realization of a Carbon Farming Calculation Tool. The added value of the GEOCARBON project is to involve farmers to fill the gap which exists in the acquisition of Activity Data (Agricultural Practices). The project will encourage farmers to insert the data relating to their Activity Data by using a friendly mobile web-GIS application on their smartphones. The provided Activity Data will be saved automatically in a Geospatial Database that will be the core of the project.