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All the available documents for download can be found here

Download for free the brochure of the C-FARMs project, you can find on it notions on carbon farming practices, the presentation of the project, our contacts and more.

Carbon Farming Certification Scheme Standard
Objective of this standard is the establishment of the certification requirements to certify the net carbon removal benefits coming from carbon farming practices.

Download for free the following deliverable of the C-FARMs project.

Deliverable 1: Different data sources for the farm-level sustainability assessments and High-resolution geographical information system creation. The report is the summary of the activities carried out in the Action 1. The main content of the Project is (i) the characterization of the farms in Lombardy region on the bases of FADN data and (ii) the retrieving of the most suitable data sources to build the High-resolution geospatial information system of the regional territory.

Deliverable 2: Quality and quantity of data available for each identified crop/livestock carbon farming practice. The report is the summary of the activities carried out in the Action A2. The Report aims to identify and quantify the potential for CO2 sequestration and/or emissions reduction of carbon-farming practices applied to agricultural soils of the Italian region of Lombardy while accounting for the climatic zones and soil texture classes that characterize said region. The Report presents the research methodology as well as the set of reviewed carbon-farming practices with their respective estimated mitigation potential for climate change and/or carbon sequestration. The Report includes two annexes: - Survey for Italian farmers - Database with the impact of carbon farming practices.
By virtue of the high scientific value of the research conduct and accompanying results, which makes a novel contribution to the knowledge gap identified for the mitigation potential of CO2 emissions by sustainable management of agricultural European soils, the present communication represents a lighter, albeit, representative version of the final report for action A2. Specifically, some sections are temporarily omitted as a precaution measure to avoid possible trade-offs which may arise during the submission procedure of a manuscript – which includes such sections- for a scientific journal and the subsequent peer-review phase. The full version of the Report will be provided for public consultancy within the end of C-FARMs project (31/05/2023).

Deliverable 3: Brochure: Results and recommendations for the application of carbon farming practice in cropland and livestock management.
The Brochure summarizes the results of the Action for general public and includes some recommendations for farmers and operatorsabout the carbon farming practices implementation.

Deliverable 4: Report: Review of methods and approaches to report emissions factors in living biomass, soil and HWP in tree plantations.
The report is the summary of the activities carried out in the Action A3. The Report aims to review the existing data about existing biomass data, soil and tree plantations, with a specific focus on poplar plantations of Lombardy region.

Deliverable 4/Annex 3: Brochure. Summary of results and methodologies for general public.

Deliverable 5: Report: Methods and approaches to create GIS-FARM’s and impact of the Carbon farming practices.

The report is the summary of the activities carried out in the Action A4. The Report aims to review and define the methodologies for creating a High-resolution geographical information system GIS-FARMs. The report includes the link to the Gis Farms database.