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The first deliverables of the C-FARMs project have been published

The LIFE C-FARMs project, now in full of its activites 12 months after the Kick Off Meeting of December 2021, has produced the first deliverables expected by the project.

The project partners are working according to the deadlines indicated in the project, the first actions in chronological order are concluded, and with them the first results are published as deliverables.

The A1 action report concerning the statistical and economic data of the companies analyzed was presented in the article that you can find at the following link: https://c-farms.eu/carbon-farming-in-the-farms-analyzed-by-c-farms-statistical-and-economic-data/ which also contains the deliverable to be consulted.

Carbon farming practices and their effectiveness in contrast to climate change are reported in the article https://c-farms.eu/carbon-farming-practices-against-climate-change-responses-from-life-c-farms/  where you can also download the deliverable 2.

A specific focus was also created on carbon farming practices to be implemented in poplar cultivation, which can be found at the link https://c-farms.eu/can-poplar-farming-in-italy-contribute-to-carbon-farming-practices-answers-from-life-c-farms/ , in which the deliverable dedicated to the plantations is also loaded.

On the project website, in the section of documents to download https://c-farms.eu/news/#Download  you can find, in addition to the project presentation brochure, also the other deliverables published, specifically:

  • Deliverable 3: Brochure: Results and recommendations for the application of carbon farming practice in cropland and livestock management.
  • Deliverable 4/Annex 3: Brochure. Summary of results and methodologies for general public.
  • Deliverable 5: Report: Methods and approaches to create GIS-FARM’s and impact of the Carbon farming practices.

Among the project results, which also include the widest possible dissemination of Carbon Farming practices, these documents are freely available for companies and stakeholders who intend to implement these practices for greater sustainability of their business management.



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