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Carbon Farming in brief

Two video interviews, made at the Mantua Food&Science Festival, to two LIIFE C-FARMs project partners available on the YouTube channel.

Lucia Perugini and Antonio Brunori, respectively Senior scientific manager in CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change foundation) and Secretary General of PEFC Italy, in the roles of C-FARMs partners have spoken to the microphones of AgroNotizie®, the online magazine that has been dedicated to current events, innovations and technical means for agriculture since 2001.

In the first video, entitled “Carbon farming, where are we?” Antonio Brunori explains the situation at national and European level concerning the legislation on carbon farming. The video is available at the link which specifies that “the role of the C-FARMs project is to give the European Union the answer on which practices should be encouraged in the next Community Agricultural Policy (CAP)”.

In the second video, entitled “Utilities and advantages of carbon farming”, Lucia Perugini talks about how companies can implement carbon farming practices within their crops and the benefits that arise for crops, for the economy and for the environment. “Carbon farming practices increase the organic matter in the soil and therefore contribute to the storage of carbon”, this is one of the key passages of the interview, which you can view entirely at the link:

The dissemination of the LIFE C-FARMs project continues, in presence and on the various social channels, to reach all users who want to know and deepen the issues related to carbon farming.


The project supports the design and implementation of targeted payments for the application of Carbon Farming practices through the development of a regulatory framework for a carbon certification system in collaboration with relevant actors and institutions.



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