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Carbon Farming in the world: news from the world for February

As we have become accustomed to by now, we went around the world to unearth the most interesting, topical and relevant news about the world of Carbon Farming.

Fashion To Farmer, the story of Vanessa Bell, who moves from fashion show catwalks to carbon farming terrain keeping one goal always clear: sustainability. This is what is reported in Women Love tech, from 2012 aims to empower women by profiling women and young girls involved in tech.

China: What the world’s largest food system means for climate change. This is the title of the article reproduced here in which it discusses how the world’s largest food producer (China) addresses issues related to its correlated carbon emission.

How much are carbon credits worth today? Tell us about it carbon, a reliable source concerning carbon news, carbon pricing, carbon investment opportunities and more. The article also shows the fluctuation of the price of carbon credits in recent months.

An Italian example of Regional Carbon Farming, the study presented in this article in Agricultural and Rural Convention, the organisations working with others to try to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) more fit for purpose – more adapted to the real needs of people and planet. Let’s read together what prompted this test.

Ursula von der Leyen announced the Green Deal Industrial Plan on 01/02/2023 to implement and update the European Green Deal (2019) to the current scenario., in among the “Net-Zero Industry” actions, Carbon Farming is also identified. The full article can be found at this link on GIFT, the portal created to share Italian food excellence worldwide.

The C-FARMs project is mentioned on the Confagricoltura website. An article on the website of the Confederazione Generale dell’Agricoltura Italiana, the oldest Organization for the protection and representation of agricultural enterprises and a partner in the C-FARMs project, reports that in February the testing phase of carbon farming practices began on farms

In this article published in the prestigious economic-political-financial magazine Il Sole 24 Ore, attention is also drawn again from the side of entrepreneurs and investors to the opportunity rapprsentata by Carbon Farming in the near future. The article also features an interview with Rete Clima, a partner in the C-FARMs project, which analyzes the issue of carbon credits and their market.


The project supports the design and implementation of targeted payments for the application of Carbon Farming practices through the development of a regulatory framework for a carbon certification system in collaboration with relevant actors and institutions.



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