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Carbon Farming in Italy: what data do we start with?

One of the main objectives of the C-FARMs LIFE project is linked to the identification and collection of key statistical and geospatial datasets suitable to characterize farming activities and their potential for climate change mitigation at regional level.
In order to reach this objective, after a preliminary survey of the farms in Lombardy Region – which is the project pilote site – in terms of their number and structure, a representative sample of farms will be selected and described. The primary source of data is the Italian FADN that collects every year information regarding structural and economic characteristics of agricultural holdings. The representative sample is selected on the basis of the Farm Type and Economic Dimension and is described considering structure (quantitatively and qualitative), physical inputs (such as the use of pesticides, fertilizers, water, electricity and combustibles), generated outputs (quantity of primary and secondary production), economic and financial aspects, and production practices relevant for the project. The objective of the activity will be reached mostly through a desk analysis and specific contacts with the selected farms and relevant Institutions holding the different types of data. 
The project partner CREA-PB is leading this activity, working together with  Confagricoltura, FederlegnoArredo, Università della Tuscia, Terrasystem srl and the CMCC Foundation in order to reach the final objective of this activity:  to make a selection and characterization of a representative sample of farms dealing with agronomic production, cattle breeding, tree plantations and wood transformation in Lombardy region.


The project supports the design and implementation of targeted payments for the application of Carbon Farming practices through the development of a regulatory framework for a carbon certification system in collaboration with relevant actors and institutions.



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