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2022 of the LIFE C-FARMs project

The LIFE Carbon Farming Certification Systems (C-FARMs) project, which officially started in December 2021, has officially completed its first year of life. The LIFE project, which lasted a total of 18 months, saw the implementation and conclusion of many actions during 2022. We list the main ones below. The technical actions started with the identification and collection of key statistical and geospatial datasets, passing through the analysis of the contribution of tree plantations to the carbon stock, identifying the critical issues and possibilities for companies for Carbon Farming as CO2 stock, all organized by the creation of an innovative platform developed on a GIS system as a decision-making tool in Carbon Farming practices. The good practices identified in the various project actions will become part of a further tool that will be produced by the project, the certification standard of the carbon stock deriving from sustainable agronomic practices. The project saw the birth of an institutional site created to give visibility to the work and as an interface with other bodies and interested parties, as well as a LIFECFARMs facebook page as a more immediate social channel for dissemination of activities. During the entire duration of the project, there were also numerous dissemination initiatives; from participation in the “Food&Science Festival” in Mantua to the important “Ecomondo” green technology fair. Furthermore, from the point of view of communication, a monthly review was created with the main news from all over the world relating to carbon farming entitled “Carbon Farming in the world”, up to being mentioned as a project in the thirteenth edition of the GreenItaly 2022 Report created by the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere.


The project supports the design and implementation of targeted payments for the application of Carbon Farming practices through the development of a regulatory framework for a carbon certification system in collaboration with relevant actors and institutions.



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